Sea Technology news

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29 January, 2020

Sea Technology news

Are offshore ports the way forward?

“In the past few years, Sea Tech has developed a concept for a large floating terminal (STFT) that can be configured for container ships, cruise ships or the offshore wind industry. The idea of floating terminals is not new, but Sea Tech has been able to bring its considerable knowledge of offshore construction and design, and the knowhow of its extensive network of industry partners, to bear on the project.

The ‘mastermind’ behind the STFT is Sea Tech’s founder, Bengt Lundquist, a senior naval architect. The other key team members are CEO Therese Lundquist, head of sustainability Christina Brodin, and naval architect and ship designer Anders Ulfvarson, who is professor emeritus in Marine Technology at Chalmers University. Sea Tech’s various partners in the STFT include a number of ‘blue riband’ companies “, Vincent Champion

Great article in World Cargo News about our innvotion!

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